Audience testers

Want to help make it better?

Since we started developing the Difference Engine, we have worked with, and sought feedback from, a range of people who are deaf, hard of hearing or partially sighted, and their feedback has helped guide development of the App.  As new features continue to be developed, and as the Difference Engine is rolled out for use by other artists and organisations, we are now looking to identify some more audience testers to test the new App, and other new elements as they come on stream.

Seeking captioning testers in/near Coventry

We are working with a number of companies in our home city of Coventry who are keen to use the Difference Engine, and its a real chance to carry out some more in depth user testing. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, are based in or near Coventry, and would be willing to test captioning on the Difference Engine for us, please get in touch.  Let’s make 2021 the most accessible City of Culture ever!


What does testing involve?

You will be asked to attend a number of events over a few months, and to give us specific feedback on the App – what works or not for you – through questionnaires and focus groups. Audience testers will have access to subsidised or free tickets to performances.

Benefits of being a tester

As well as free or cheap tickets, being a tester enables you to have direct input to a new access solution – and crucially to help make it better for you and for others. Focus groups are a chance to contribute to a wider discussion about the Difference Engine, and to influence local organisations in the way they support your access needs.

Also, we are very likely to bring cake…

Testing in other areas

We are developing partnerships with a few other venues and promoters in other areas – currently particularly in Derby, Leicester and other Midlands areas – and we will update this page with details as soon as these are in place.  If you are keen to be a tester you can always drop us a line – especially if you already attend events at a venue where you know there is an established audience that could help us test things further.