Talking Birds is a small-scale theatre company, proudly based in Coventry, the UK City of Culture 2021.  Since 1992, the company has been producing work that is often site-specific, outdoors, or performed in intimate and/or unusual spaces – sometimes in the round or in promenade. (Read out more about us and our work here)

We put accessibility at the heart of our work and are pioneering affordable captioning/audio description with The Difference Engine – which we developed because existing access solutions didn’t really meet the needs of our work, or our audiences.

Now we’re sharing the Difference Engine with other companies – and working with a number of artists, venues and audiences to develop it further. We think the Difference Engine has the potential to revolutionise access for the small-scale, independent, experimental, site-specific and outdoor sectors – and with your help, it just might.


We’re particularly interested in making work in places which the public don’t often get into, the sorts of places that you might stumble across by accident. Places which have interesting features, histories and former uses, perhaps layered with recollections and associations which are on the brink of slipping from living memory. Or places that are at the end of one use and not quite ready for the next.  Places where conventional access solutions are usually not appropriate.

We call ourselves ‘green theatre-makers’ and strive to make responsible choices when making work, conscious of our shared responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.