Companies’ FAQs

Click here for FAQs about running the Difference Engine system at a venue / event

Audience FAQs

If you have a question which isn’t answered here, then if you are at an event, speak to a member of staff at the event/venue.

You can also get in touch through our contact page for queries which are not so urgent!

How can I get the Difference Engine App?
> Information on getting the App for iOS or Android is here (Scroll down to the bottom of the page)

What if I don’t have an iOS or Android phone?
> you can access captions via the browser on your smart device – instructions are here

I can’t see the captions!
> check you are connected to a ‘DifferenceEngine’ WiFi network – this should be running at least 20 minutes before an event begins
> if you are connected, but no Captions, try closing the App completely (swipe it closed) and restarting – or powering your device off and on again.
> If neither of these work contact staff from the venue/company

I selected Captions in the App, but it said I was not connected to a DifferenceEngine network
> Go to your Settings and select the ‘DifferenceEngine’ network.

I can’t see the ‘DifferenceEngine’ network in WiFi settings
> This will only show at an event where the Difference Engine system is being used. If you cannot see this network, and you have your WiFi switched on, then the system is not running.  Contact someone from the venue/company where the event is happening as they may not have started the system (or the firewall may be preventing it broadcasting to browser versions).

There is more than one ‘DifferenceEngine’ network showing in WiFi settings – which do I pick?
> If there is more than one Difference Engine network showing it is because you are at a venue / space with more than one performance/event using the system at the same time – so they will be running a different version of the Difference Engine for each space where something is happening.  There should be signs up telling you which network is being used in which space.  If not, ask a member of staff.