FAQs – Companies


See the Resources Page for downloadable instructions, troubleshooting document, and useful notices to print for front of house use.

How do I set up the Difference Engine with a new script?
> See the operating instructions on the Resources page for details

The captions aren’t showing on mobile devices
> Check the devices are connected to the ‘DifferenceEngine’ WiFi network
> Have you switched to Broadcast mode?  Captions won’t display if you are in Edit mode.
> Check that the cell you have selected is in the CH1 column
> Check the firewall – see firewall troubleshooting help sheet on the Resources page

The captions aren’t working via the browser option
> check that you have the WAMP server is running – look for a green W at the bottom of the desktop screen (see Operating instructions) and if it’s not there, start WAMP by double-clicking on the WAMP shortcut (the big pink W on the desktop!). See Operating instructions on the Resources page.

How much does it cost?
> Hire fees vary according to length of time you need it for and the size of your organisation. Fill in this booking request form and email the completed form to birdmail@talkingbirds.co.uk and we will be able let you know the cost of hiring the Difference Engine. This will also enable us to reserve a kit for you, assuming we have one available, so it’s best to do this as soon as possible as the limited number of kits we have are liable to get booked up very quickly.

Can we use our own laptop and router to run the Difference Engine?
> Not at the moment – in due course we expect to turn it into a downloadable software package, but as things are changing so rapidly at the moment as we continue to develop it, and to ensure any problems encountered are not due to hardware, we’re only making it available on our kits for now.

Can we buy our own Difference Engine system?
> The Difference Engine is only available to hire. In due course we expect to turn it into a downloadable software package (see above).