Access via a browser

The easiest and best way to receive captions is to download the app – so check here to see if your device supports it. If you cannot download the app, you can still access captions via the browser on your device – it’s just a bit more fiddly to get to them!

How to connect

This video walks you through connecting to the Difference Engine via a browser (like Safari or Chrome) – or follow the instructions below

When you are at a performance or event that uses The Difference Engine:

settings_icon.png  In settings:

airplanemode_icon.png Turn on Airplane Mode to avoid distractions.

wifi_icon.png  Connect to the ‘DifferenceEngine’ wireless network.

autolock_icon.png  Change Auto-Lock to ‘never’, or Display Sleep ’30 Minutes’.

brightness_icon.png  Adjust Brightness as desired.

genericbrowser_icon.png  Open a web browser.

In the address bar, type: and select ‘Go’.

Select ‘Captions’

This should take you to the opening screen of captions.  These will normally be broadcast at least 20 minutes before the start of an event.

If for any reason it does not connect, contact someone at the venue and let them know that you are using a browser to access it.


You can also use the Feedback option for a short time after the event, whilst at the venue – or you can email us afterwards at to tell us about your experience, and share any thoughts about how it could be improved.